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The Road Department is responsible for maintaining and improving the county's road system, consisting of paved roads, unpaved roads and bridges. The Road Department's major services include:

Routine road and bridge maintenance:

road grading, sweeping, and vegetation control

removal of natural roadside hazards (trees, rock outcroppings, etc. [excludes constituent debris])

patching and sealing paved roads

installing, repairing and replacing signs

maintaining and repairing bridges, guardrails and culverts

- Emergency response to road hazards and natural disasters

Designing, managing, and implementing pavement preservation and capital improvement projects (including Local Improvement Districts)

Regulation, inspection, and administration of work and development within the public road right of way

Acquisition, maintenance, and fueling of heavy equipment and fleet vehicles for all County departments (except Sheriff's vehicles)​

Downlaod current County Road list

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